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The six Atchison Police Officers are presented with a Letter of Commendation Monday evening at the Atchison City Commission Meeting.

The Atchison City Commission honored six police officers who helped save the lives of three Atchison citizens and their pets from a fire at Laramie Street on March 28.

Police Chief Mike Wilson presented the officers with a Letter of Commendation at the meeting Monday.

“If it weren’t for the heroics of our police officers and other first responders, things could’ve turned out very differently,” Mayor Abbey Bartlett said.

The city also passed an ordinance annexing the property at 10955 U.S. Highway 59 into Atchison after the owners of the property entered into an Annexation and Incentive Agreement in February to be filed with the Atchison County Register of Deeds.

The commissioners also passed an ordinance to establish all-way stops at 5th & Commercial, 6th & Commercial, and 7th & Commercial effective June 1, 2021. This ordnance now changes these three intersections to an all-way stop configuration, matching the other Commercial Street intersections between 2nd and 8th Streets.

Following the meeting the commissioners adjourned to a workshop to discuss parking surface regulations, then met as a Land Bank Commission to authorize the conveyance of properties at 1209 Unity Street and 401 N. 9 the St and held an executive session regarding the potential acquisition of land bank property.

The next regular city commission meeting is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 19, which is scheduled at this time to be a budgeting workshop.

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