Atchison High School

Police say that on Monday afternoon, a 15-year-old student brought a weapon, believed to be a BB gun, to the campus of Atchison High School.

Authorities say the boy who brought a BB gun to Atchison High School on Monday is in now in juvenile detention for behavior that prompted a brief lockdown before police secured the contraband.

The teen has been arrested in connection with making a criminal threat, disorderly conduct and interference with law enforcement in the form of resisting arrest, Atchison Police Chief Mike Wilson said on Tuesday morning. Formal charges are pending.

“It is known that the weapon in the book bag was a BB gun,” Wilson said. “The student was disorderly in the classroom, but the weapon was never removed from the book bag by the student.”

Wilson said the investigation of the incident began about 2:30 p.m. Monday. At the time of the incident, the APD school resource officer (SRO) responded to a classroom located on the north side of AHS, where a 15-year-old male student had become disorderly.

Summoned to the area by school staff, the SRO was made aware that a weapon might possibly be inside the book bag. The SRO proceeded to confront the student and managed to take control of a book bag from the student. The SRO escorted the student to an adjacent classroom isolated from other students.

Additional police officers were dispatched to AHS, Wilson said. The student was taken into police custody and quickly was transported away from the school. Soon after the student’s removal from the campus, normal activities resumed, Wilson said. Atchison Public Schools USD 409 informed constituents that the incident had been resolved via an email distribution list.

Since the beginning of the current school year, Atchison Police Department has provided a SRO on the school campus.

Superintendent Susan Myers confirmed the incident arose from a disorderly student and the SRO became involved. There was the possibility of a weapon, which school officials later learned was a BB gun, and the student was taken into custody.

“The response by the police was very quick and we are very appreciative of that,” Myers said. “Having a SRO on site is very helpful.”

The teen was transported to a juvenile detention facility. Police have compiled their investigative findings into a report to present to Atchison County Attorney Sherri Becker for a review of the case, Wilson said.

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