The sight of equipment moving down the road can be an awesome sight. It’s also one that can be nerve wracking for the equipment operator and those who meet that equipment on the roadway.

With a little ‘looking ahead’, maybe it doesn’t have to be. Start with an understanding of the vehicles on the road. Loaded sprayers, semis, etc… don’t stop quickly. Smaller cars can’t see around/over large vehicles in front of them. Drivers should consider not only what they are driving and how it handles, but also what the driver they are meeting or attempting to pass is dealing with as well. Look at your surroundings, asking yourself questions like: can other drivers see me entering or exiting? Is it likely the equipment ahead of me is going to get up to my speed or not? Will they be entering that field exit ahead? Sometimes, we know the terrain around us, what traffic patterns look like, and maybe even the possibility the next farmstead will be the exit for the equipment in front of us. Often we do not, and an abundance of caution should be exercised when meeting or passing equipment. Consider options that make you more visible. If you are behind large equipment, can they see your smaller vehicle? Are your lights on?

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