A jury trial starts Tuesday for Bryan C. Boldridge facing an attempted murder charge in Atchison County District Court.

The case of an officer involved shooting is proceeding on track for a jury trial to commence 9 a.m. Tuesday in Atchison County District Court.

Byran C. Boldridge, 45, Atchison, faces one count attempted murder in the second degree in connection with a morning incident Oct. 31, 2018 in the 1100 block of North Fourth Street in Atchison at Boldridge’s residence. The case evolved from a police response concerning a theft of services reported by the city’s water department staff.

Boldridge’s court appointed defense counsel, Chris Scott and Atchison County Attorney Sherri Becker are prepared for the trial proceeding to continue more than one day.

Boldridge arrived at his residence a short time later in his dump truck that he exited. A KBI press release indicated Boldridge approached the scene with a rifle in hand and followed police commands to drop the weapon. Boldridge followed the command.

Testimony heard during an evidentiary hearing in January indicated that although Boldridge leaned the rifle near a tree. He remained armed with a holstered revolver. The holster was strapped to his hip and was visible underneath Boldridge’s open jacket. Boldridge told Atchsion Police Officer Darren Kelley to leave his yard and go to the street to converse about the situation. There both men discussed the matter, according to some testimony heard from witnesses. Kelley said he tried to persuade Boldridge to go to police headquarters at Atchison City Hall. It’s alleged Boldridge refused, elevated his voice, uttered profanities, appeared to make hand gestures near the revolver and continued to walk back toward his property. Kelley commanded Boldridge to stop. Boldridge refused. Kelley deployed his TASER, which Boldridge told him not to do and it appeared he drew his weapon. Kelley drew his service weapon. There was an exchange of gunfire as a result between Kelley and Boldridge according to testimonies heard. As a result of the incident, Boldridge suffered a gunshot wound to his leg area. Boldridge was transported to University of Kansas Hospital. Following his release from hospital care, Boldridge has remained incarcerated in the Atchison County Jail and held on $150,000 bond. He pleaded not guilty to the charge on Feb. 4 in district court on the basis of self-defense.

Kelley was initially placed on administrative leave throughout an investigation conducted by KBI authorities.

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