Peeling up some asphalt patches along Morton Road and repair work has been ongoing throughout the recent weeks as part of the tasks at hand the Atchison County Road and Bridge Department are addressing.

Office Manager Kim Glover, of the county’s road and bridge department, reported the Morton Road is only one of the numerous projects the crews are working on to check off a lengthy to-do list.

“We have been busy and we are working hard to make our county roads safe for all residents,” Glover said in a recent email to the Globe.

The county’s Culvert Replacement Project crew recently installed a new culvert between Sheridan and Rooks Road along 234th Road several miles south of Atchison.

Glover reported the other recent finished projects on the list include:

Three bridge replacements — Bridge No. 270 Replacement between 290th and 298th roads along Ottawa Road; Bridge F.0-12.4 Replacement along 246th Road between Graham Road and U.S. Highway 159 Highway; Bridge H.1-13.4 Replacement – 262nd Road between U.S. Highway 159 and 258th Road; and a culvert replacement along Osborne Road between 310th and 318th roads.

Chip and seal roadwork projects completed — Greeley Road from 286th to 278th roads along the way to Paradise Lake; Dump Road – a segment of Neosho Road from 286th Road to the Atchison County Solid Waste Facility Site No. 1 and landfill; 286th Road from the rock pile to Edwards Road and by the rock pile to 286th Road and from that point to 318th Road, then on to Douglas Road to between 31th and 330th roads, to 326th Road from Douglas Road to U.S. Highway 73; along Main Street in Huron from U.S. Highway 73 to the Huron city limits; from 294th Road from U.S. Highway 73 to Greeley and from there to 294th Road to U.S. Highway 73; and Broadway Street in Lancaster from 286th Road to U.S. Highway 73.

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