Casey Quinn

Casey Quinn

The following is a question-and-answer session with Republican Candidate Casey Quinn, for the 3rd District County Commission seat. Quinn defeated Incumbent Henry W. “Bill” Pohl in the August primary, and is vying against Democrat Duane Baldridge in the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

1. What are your thoughts on unified government say like in comparison to Wyandotte County?

We should NOT become a unified government.

2. What serves the best interest of the greater good, decisions made to benefit public safety/health or economics/business?

Decisions should be made for the greater good of Atchison County. Obtain facts, explore options, and listen to individuals with expertise on the topic at hand, listen to those who will be directly affected, and make the best decision for Atchison County.

3. Other than the first two questions, what do you feel are the top priorities for the county?

Respect feedback you receive as a commissioner always; make Atchison County citizens feel heard and their opinions valued; develop a solution to put the sales tax issue to rest; provide Road & Bridge Department support; listen to suggestions and improve infrastructure; think long term and show appreciation to employees; and provide support and resources to small businesses to help them to thrive.

4. What are your recommendations concerning the countywide 1- cent sales tax voters approved in 1993 to fund solid waste and joint communications?

Exam the facts, get together with those who have the authority, find a fair and effective solution to provide these critical services for everyone in Atchison County. Elect someone with professionalism who can get it ironed out for the county and put this negativity behind us.

5. What do you feel are the responsibilities of the county commission?

❯ There are many responsibilities, here are a few: Identify Atchison County values and needs and act accordingly; be present, transparent, and involve citizens within our county in decision making; budget allocation and looking at the county as a whole; anticipate and initiate decisions proactively rather than just in response to issues; build trust and show compassion to county staff and other elected officials; manage budgets, county departments, and organize and deploy resources to accomplish public policy efficiently; listen to citizen complaints about county services and work with commissioners and employees to resolve them; lead by example always and be a role model in the community; utilize skills of cooperation rather than competition; and establish relationships and effectively communicate the county’s interests and positions to appropriate decision makers and associations above the county level.

6. What is your vision to improve the quality of life in Atchison County?

Respect and support the employees of Atchison County, the commissioners, and residents of Atchison County. Provide a new prospective and ideas to bring efficiency and improvements to our county. Be 100% transparent and engage the public to participate with feedback that is always welcomed. Respond to all concerns with sincerity and provide a response always.

7. What motivates you to seek this position?

I care about the staff at the county and I care about the residents of Atchison County and I want to see compassion and more done for all of us.

8. What are your experiences that you would consider to be an asset to county leadership?

Benedictine College Graduate Business Management and Marketing Degrees; born and raised in Atchison County; County Government 101 Course; Leadership Atchison County graduate; and Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce Excellence Leadership in Atchison County Award.

9. Do you have some personal information you would like to share?

I was born and raised in Atchison County, a graduate of the Atchison Public School system, and a graduate of Benedictine College with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. Upon graduation, I accepted a position in logistics for a company in Overland Park, where I could utilize my skills as a leader by managing the LTL Department and focusing on strategic planning within the company.

In 2009, my husband Joe and I were engaged, allowing us to move forward with our plans of moving back to Atchison County. We were married in 2010 and now have three children, two sons and one daughter. We are active in the community, are active parishioners at St. Patrick’s Parish, and have worked hard to be a part of the positive change taking place in Atchison County. Since returning to Atchison County, I have been the Office Manager for our family business, Marlatt Construction Company, Inc. and have obtained my real estate license and work for The Commerce Company.

My goal since returning to Atchison County has been to be involved in promoting positive change where I feel that I can make a difference. I have done so by serving on multiple boards within Atchison County. I believe in playing an active role in producing positive change within this community. I am proud to say that we have and will continue to show our children the importance of doing what is right, working hard, and giving back to others always.

I have a strong passion for Atchison County, and I know we can accomplish more for all of us.

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