The termination of Lee Supple, USD 409 math teacher became official at the close of a special Board of Education meeting Tuesday morning.

A special procedural meeting was called to order at 7:30 a.m. for the purpose to go behind closed door to discuss non-elected personnel matter of negotiations for 10 minutes in the presence of Board Attorneys Larry Mears and Matthew Rich, and 409 Business Manager Lori Lanter. The meeting was extended for 10 minutes to continue the negotiations. Board members then recessed from public meeting another 10 minutes to discuss employee performances.

After the public meeting resumed, board members present unanimously by a 6-0 vote adopted and signed off on Resolution 21-06 to terminate Supple on April 20 with payment of the remainder of his 2020-2021contract because of Supple’s actions contrary to USD 409 Board Policy IA. Board Member Sally Berger was absent from the meeting.

The Board’s Clerk is to present Supple a signed copy of the Resolution in person or by restricted mail. Supple was not present Tuesday’s meeting.

Supple confirmed in an email to the Globe that he had met with district officials during the week previous to the special Board meeting.

The District’s Policy: IA centers on the philosophy of the District’s Mission Statement states that “The mission of the Atchison Public School District shall be to identify and remove all barriers to promote equal opportunities for success by all students.” The Mission Statement was initially adopted Oct. 6, 2008, and last reaffirmed Feb. 8, 2021.

“It does feel better to know that the claims of unprofessional behavior were removed,” Supple said. “I expressed to the district that the facts would be on my side during a potential hearing so I feel that they must have acknowledged that by passing the resolution yesterday (Tuesday, April 20) morning.

“The previous claims weren’t true a month ago, nor are they true today,” Supple continued. My plan was already to resign at the end of the year so I was content in leaving a violation of the mission statement in order to reach an agreement.”

It was the March 8 meeting when the 409 Board members adopted by action Resolution No.21-04 to notify Supple of the Board’s intent to terminate his contract with pay and that he was entitled to a hearing within 10 days. Resolution 21-06 states Supple requested a hearing, but then subsequently withdrew his request in exchange for termination of the contract as a result of Policy IA.

Supple had been employed with the District since Aug. 8, 2006, according to Resolution No. 21-04 adopted in March. In addition to the current termination agreement, the initial intent of Board members also alleged violations of Policy; GAF and Policy GBU.

“My family has a long history of teaching in the community,” Supple said, “which is sad to come to an end this way. However, I will cherish the time I spent here and hope I had an impact on the students I taught and coached over the past 15 years.”

According to Directory posted on Atchison Public Schools homepage indicates Supple had most recently served as an Atchison High School math teacher.

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