USD 409 Board of Education members are proceeding on to dispose of the Central School facility by putting it up for sale.

The facility and the affected real estate will be subject to title searches and inspections.

Board Attorney Larry Mears told board members on Monday that it is a rather complicated to sell public property, but the process entails compiling packets that will go out to prospective buyers who would like to make offers that will be returned to board members for consideration at a later date.

Like always board members will have the right to reject any or all bids when the time comes, Mears said.

Board members went behind closed doors to discuss matters of negotiations and non-elected personnel for 22 minutes in the presence of Mears and Scott. After the meeting resumed board members took the following action, all resignations are effective at the end of the 2020-21 school year:

Unanimously accepted resignations from: Nicholas Stillwell – Atchison High School business teacher, Distributive Education advisor, head track and cross country and assistant wrestling coach and assistant AMS assistant wrestling coach; Jennifer Hayes Atchison Elementary School second grade teacher; Rachel Morgan – first grade teacher AES; and Betsy Verhoeff – AES fifth-grade teacher; Cheyenne Swanson – ninth -12th grade AHS chemistry/physics teacher. Board members also accepted the resignation from Lisa Gearhart RN effective Tuesday, May 6 at AES.

Unanimously recommended for employment for the 2021-22 schoolyear, all become effective July 1 at AES: Ann Pouy – kindergarten teacher; Paxton Throne – first-grade; Bayley Funk – second-grade; Ashley Sherer – kindergarten teacher; Tanner Mispagel –elementary teacher, grade to be determined; and Misti Earls – kindergarten through fifth-grade library media specialist.

Board members also recommended the hire of Julie Underwood – as the vocal music director at Atchison Middle School and AHS.

Unanimously approved the transfer of Jamie Tate from the 6th-grade math teacher to sixth-grade social studies teacher.

Concerning other matters, board members:

Agreed by consensus to join in the effort by Kansas State Department of Education in the effort with other school district to challenge the rise of natural gas bills for school districts during the month of February. USD 409 experienced an 800 percent increase in comparison to previous years. Business Manager Lori Lanter said the February bill is the amount that she builds into the budget for the entire year.

Accepted the following donations on behalf of the AHS Campus Cupboard: two $15 donations from Courtney Laurie in memory of Chic Downing and Rogena Richards, respectively; and from Scott and Melissa Smith $2,200 and $2,800 donations.

Theatre contributions were received by way of a $500 donation from Robin and Jean Gaslin and $200 from Jeff and Tracie Caudle.

Approved the district audit for the year ending in June 30, 2020 as presented from Jim Long, CPA.

Approved the summer maintenance, capital outlay and technology plan; security camera upgrades and AHS teacher and student parking lot renovations.

Adopted Resolution 21-05 to appoint a hearing officer to represent the school board within 72 hours of time in the event a grievance in filed objecting to the district imposed mask order, the resolution allows board members to act within seven days of a hearing in accordance with Kansas SB40.

Heard a report from Principal Lacey Warren and Assistant Principal Lindsey Hansen, about Atchison High School. Warren introduced Principal Advisory Council members to the school board members. The Advisory Council has presented all school assemblies focused on some topics throughout the year in effort to encourage good behavior and mindfulness about certain topics like parking lot safety, restroom etiquette the policy handbook.

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