By unofficial community labels, the area north of Division Street is New Atchison, while the area south is Old Atchison. For decades in the past, members of the black community in Atchison came to know “The Division” as an actual impermeable line between them and everybody else, to the extent that it became common wisdom: “You don’t cross The Division.”

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I believe it's a good idea to change the name. The bible tells us we are all made in god's image which means we are all the same. Atchison should be a town united not divided. I think a great name for the street would be Unity Street. Whether or not you believe that Division Street divides old Atchison from new Atchison or divides colors the name Unity means we're all one now. I pray God's blessings on everyone and I pray that all of the community gets involved in this.

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