Luke Noll is taking the helm of the Maur Hill-Mount Academy girls

basketball team, hoping to cultivate

offensive diversity in the program.

“Finding and developing multiple offensive threats,” Noll said. “Finding who is going to score for us will be big and hopefully we’ll be able to find a few different people who can do that.”

Noll grew up in the area graduating from Jefferson County North High School and has been a part of the Topeka Hayden girls basketball program for five years. Noll spent three years as an assistant and two as the head coach.

Noll said building hard work and effort was crucial early on.

“We’re working on a having increased intensity at practice,” Noll said. “I’m enjoying their coachability and they work hard. As long as our effort it there we’ll be in good shape.”

Senior Sara Domann said the team was a little uneasy when they found out they’ed have a new coach but finally meeting Noll showed them he was ready to takeover the program.

“I think it was hard because we knew we were getting a new coach and we didn’t know what the head coach was going to be like.” Domann said. “He came and we all noticed he just as good as Kunecke. That makes us want to work just as hard.”

Domann said the team as a whole needs to be ready for what comes from this new experience.

“With a new coach we need to take what he gives us and take it to the next level,” Domann said. “We have to be open to whatever he brings our way.”

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