When COVID-19 started in the U.S., there were concerns that the virus could be transmitted via surfaces and packaging. This caused consumers to buy cleaning supplies like never before and not using cleaners as directed.

As time has passed, the evidence supports that transmission of COVID-19 is primarily through respiratory droplets in the air. Therefore, the use of masks, handwashing, and keeping at least six feet distance from each other is critical.

For surfaces or packaging to be a problem, there has to be a unique set of events to occur. First, a large amount of the virus would have to be present; then, it would need to survive long enough to result in spread. Finally, without washing your hands, you would have to touch your face.

The few studies on this issue involved using high amounts of the virus, much more than what happens in a real-world situation. And, while it proved the virus could stay alive on surfaces, it did not prove transmission.

Excess or incorrect usage of disinfectants can cause skin irritation and respiratory health issues, especially for those with asthma.

Bottom line, wear your mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands. Do your part!

Halloween and COVID-19

Do you get lots of trick-or-treaters for Halloween? This year might be a little different. Is it safe for kids to take candy from strangers during a pandemic?

First and foremost, follow your community guidelines. Know the keys to keep healthy, avoid crowds, wash your hands, wear a face covering. The look of face coverings may be quite creative this Halloween! Even if you are outside, you may still be around a lot of other goblins, so wear those masks. Small groups are better than large groups.

Designate one person to hand out threats that are individually wrapped. Don’t let the goblins dig into the bowl. Have hand sanitizer available for anyone to use.

Host a trunk-or-treat event and put extra space between cars to thin out the crowd. A Halloween drive-by parade in the neighborhood would be a spooky treat!

There is no need to wipe down the treat packaging. After trick-or-treating, wash your hands before snacking on those treats.

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