The Cabrini Rowhouses from the ‘Candyman’ films

- Location: 900 N Cleveland Ave

While “Candyman” is a horror film about the hook-handed ghost of a former slave, the film’s depiction of the Cabrini-Green Projects of Chicago is firmly based in reality. Housing projects were originally created in a federal response to the unethical living conditions of the lower class in major cities, but with time and severe budget cuts, these projects became primarily black and left to their own devices. Cabrini-Green was both a real project located in North Side Chicago and a notorious example of how racism contributed to the downfall of housing projects.

Despite many projects being torn down, the original Rowhouses of Cabrini where “Candyman” was filmed are still standing today - hence the reason why in both the 1992 “Candyman” and 2021 “Candyman” the area is dilapidated, graffiti-covered, and generally considered a bad or unsafe neighborhood. The good news is, a 2013 lawsuit requires the Chicago Housing Authority to renovate and build more affordable housing in the area, even though the renovation seems to be slow-moving.

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