Jerry O'Connell avoided Sarah Michelle Gellar before they started dating Content Exchange

Jerry O'Connell avoided talking to Sarah Michelle Gellar because of their age gap..

The 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' actress and the 'Quinn Mallory' star - who are both happily married to their respective partners - met in high school dated when they were younger.

Michelle, 43, was a guest on 'The Talk' this week and explained: "I should also tell you that the high school part has all gotten confused because I was a freshman and he was a senior.

"He never acknowledged me. It was only later that you would actually talk to me."

And the 47-year-old presenter added: "Listen, I was a senior. I didn’t want to come off as too much of a predator. I respected age differences and everything.

"By the way, this is not a filter. You have never seen me blush as much as I have on this show."

Meanwhile, Sarah - who has been married to Freddie Prinze Jr. for almost two decades - admitted 'The Talk' viewers were seeing a more mature side to Jerry, who married actress Rebecca Romijn in 2007.

She said: "I think you’re getting the more subdued, calmed down Jerry actually.

"You’re getting the more mature, fatherly Jerry, the lessons learned Jerry. I had the actual energetic Jerry."

Sarah - who has kids Charlotte, 11, and Rocky, eight, with her man - previously admitted she's been introducing her daughter to her work on 'Buffy'.

She said: "My daughter has been asking about it for a while.

"I haven't watched it in years, so I had to ask a couple of my friends, who remember stuff better than I do, whether she would be ready for it.

"We felt the high school years were appropriate but I don't think she's ready for the rest of it yet.

"So we'll see how well she takes it when she finds out she's going to have to wait for the rest. I'm not sure how well that's going to go down."

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