America Ferrera wanted to 'kill' husband for 72-hour COVID isolation after she gave birth Content Exchange

America Ferrera wanted to "kill" her husband when he had a "COVID scare" and isolated for 72 hours, not long after she'd given birth to their daughter Lucia in May 2020.

The 'Superstore' star - who also has three-year-old son Sebastian with spouse Ryan Williams - has recalled the "really brutal early weeks" of getting to grips with being a mother-of-two after going through an already stressful pregnancy via C-section with her little girl.

It was made worse by the fact she had no support from family or "hired help", and then to top it off, her husband had to lock himself away from his wife and kids and wait and find out if he had the infectious virus - and she joked that she will "never forgive him" for "abandoning" her for three days.

She said when asked about giving birth amid a global pandemic: "Yeah, I mean, I think having a baby is an isolating experience anyway. And then, you know, it was early I was seven months pregnant when shutdown happened and she came a month early so she came in May like the beginning of May.

"And that was still a scary time, you know, a scary time to be in hospitals, protocols were changing. Like, was my husband gonna be able to be with me in postpartum or not ... hospitals are just scary places to be.

"So I was pretty stressed out about it. But you know, thank goodness everything was great. She was born healthy. I was okay. Like, everything was great.

"And then, you know, I didn't have any of the support. Whether from my family friends or like, you know, hired help to to get through those really brutal early weeks, and I had a C-section. So I was also like, recovering from a C-section how to toddler a newborn baby, breastfeeding and like, no help."

The former 'Ugly Betty' star quipped: "I mean, my husband was helpful. He's very helpful."

On being left to fend for their little ones all by herself while Ryan quarantined, American added to 'The Jess Cagle Podcast with Julia Cunningham': "He had a COVID scare early. So I think I was home from the hospital one week with a brand new baby and he got sick. And he took a test but it was back when you had to wait 72 hours for [the results].

"It wasn't easy to get a test or results.

"He spent 72 hours locked up in a room sleeping while I was up with a baby all day, I wanted to kill him.

"Like the second those results came in, I knocked on the door and was, 'You don't have COVID, get out! Take the baby ... I'm taking a bath.'

"I will never forgive him for abandoning me for 72 hours, but, you know, he was doing the right thing, I guess."

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