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Cassie De Pecol, the 2017 Pioneering Achievement Award winner.

1997 Linda Finch –

A noted aviator and member of the International 99’s Women’s Flying Organization who re-created Amelia’s flight.

1998 Harris Faulkner –

Noted TV personality in the Kansas City area who crusades against stalkers of women.

1999 Moya Leer –

Wife of Bill Leer, collaborator in the Leer Jet Corporation and enthusiast of early jet aviation.

2000 Nancy Kassebaum Baker –

First female senator in Kansas and champion of women’s causes.

2001 Mae Jameson –

The first African American astronaut.

2002 Fay Gillis Wells –

In her 90s, a woman pioneer in aviation who was friends with Amelia, a Washington correspondent and chapter secretary of the International 99’s.

2003 Linda Hall Daschle –

Only the second woman to serve as Deputy FAA Administrator; an expert on aviation policy and an advocate for aviation safety issues.

2004 Ann Holtgren Pellegreno –

Author and lecturer; recreated Amelia’s around the world flight in 1967, 30 years after the disappearance.

2005 Ngozi Eze –

Women for Women International Nigeria director; directs a successful program to address the needs of marginalized women as they move from poverty to stability and self-sufficiency.

2006 Col. Cathy Clothier –

A 1982 U.S. Air Force Academy graduate and command pilot with 2,600 flying hours; currently assigned to the Pentagon.

2007 Cheryl Stearns –

An aviator and the most successful competitive skydiver in the world.

2008 Tori Murden McClure –

The first woman and first American to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

2009 Major Nicole M. Malachowski, USAF – The first female pilot on any U.S. military flight demonstration team – the Air Force Thunderbirds.

2010 Lynette Woodard –

The most prolific scorer in women’s collegiate basketball, two-time Olympian, a member of several Halls of Fame.

2011 Eileen Collins –

Retired Air Force Colonel, piloted the space shuttle, made history as the first female commander of a U.S. spacecraft.

2012 Lara Moritz, anchor KMBC-TV – Winner of two Edward Murrow awards and two Emmys, a dedicated journalist who has risen to the top of her field.

2013 Amelia Rose Earhart, pilot — Amelia’s namesake whose life has mirrored Amelia’s in many ways – recreated Amelia’s flight in 2014 – Fly with Amelia Foundation formed to teach young women to fly.

2014 Michelle Stauffer – Founder of the Kansas Aircraft Corporation.

2015 Sophia Danenberg –

First black woman in the world to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest.

2016 Julie Krone –

First woman to win riding championships at the most competitive racing meets in America, including Belmont Park in New York.

2017 Cassie De Pecol –

Fastest person and first woman on record to travel to every country (196) in the world. She completed the feat between July 2015 and February 2017.

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