Boy deserves special praise


On Jan. 19, I had a special surprise. A 10-year-old neighborhood boy, Coby.

I was working on snow removal, when Coby asked if I needed some help. I said yes, and we began shoveling snow. It was very cold that day and at times went into the garage to warm up.

During our last trip to the garage, this young man — as we had stopped shoveling — asked me if we were ready to get back to work. I suggested we stop, as the young man had already out-worked me, and I already had experienced some health problems.

Unfortunately, I then passed out, and fell face first into a snow drift. The boy tried, but he couldn’t get footing to help me up. I asked him to go to the house to get my wife to help me in getting up. My head was buried halfway into the snowbank, and I was snorting the white stuff — snow, that is, not something else. Haha. And to think, we’re supposed to be worried about global warming!

When this 10-year-old boy went to the house, he was very polite, and he asked my wife if he needed to remove his shoes, as they had snow on them. I had fallen ill. This boy, at 10 years old, had more commonsense and decency than many much older than he.

This lad lives in Nortonville. I personally feel he is deserving of all the recognition I can give him. There are good children still here on this Earth, who are not from the same planet as the mean version of life that we might see on TV.

I am proud to say this boy is my neighbor. We need more Cobys in the world. Thank God I found one.



Some advice on winter driving


Front wheel drive vehicles are dangerously designed to spin perpendicular to the direction of travel.

If you apply the brakes, the weight of the engine and the braking force causes the rear end, which is much lighter, to whip around immediately in certain conditions.

What can happen is, rather than all wheels sliding, the front wheels hit pavement and the rear are still on a slick surface. In this event, the rear while whip around and instantly cause a total loss of control. This can cause the passenger side to be directly placed into the path of oncoming traffic.

When the opportunity presents itself, I always test-skid my vehicles. I stomp on my brakes at 20 MPH, to make sure I can control a vehicle on a slick surface, in order to keep from killing a good Christian ... That would be me. And OK, maybe you, too.



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