Police received help to secure and study a suspicious device found on Sunday morning in Atchison. It was determined the device to not be explosive nor a threat to the public.

Atchison Police Chief Mike Wilson said the device, discovered near a home on the 600 block of South Sixth Street in Atchison, is of a suspicious nature, and appears to have been constructed from several components.

Wilson said the bomb and explosive squad of the Leavenworth (Kansas) Police Department arrived on Sunday morning to assist in the investigation.

“We’re still studying the device,” Wilson said. “If we can determine why it was placed there and by whom, maybe we’ll find there was no criminal intent to it. But, it had the kind of appearance — and those who saw it thought so, too — because the device had several types of material attached to it, that we were left questioning why that was assembled the way it was.

“The intent may not have been to make a bomb or an explosive, but that was under consideration when we first saw it,” he added.

Authorities cordoned off the immediate area of the device’s discovery through early Sunday afternoon. No injuries or incidents of property damage are known to be associated with the incident, and information about the person or persons responsible for leaving the device in the place of its discovery hasn’t been released.

“Why was this thing assembled and placed there?” Wilson said. “That is what our investigation will ultimately reveal.”

Marcus Clem can be reached via marcus.clem@atchisonglobenow.com or via @AdAstraGorilla on Twitter. 

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