The St. Joseph Mustangs extended their winning streak to five games in a row Wednesday night.

They beat the Chillicothe Mudcats 10-3 thanks to two big offensive innings. But coach Matt Johnson thinks their defense is the cause for all these wins.

“I think it’s great,” Johnson said. “We’re playing great defense, we’re getting good pitching and offensively, we get some pretty timely hits at the right time. I mean, if we can continue to do that consistently, I think this is going to be a very successful season for us.”

After a scoreless first inning, the Mustangs scored four two-out runs to jump ahead. They led 5-1 and added another five runs in the seventh inning to mark the final score.

Catcher Brady Anderson was able to start things off in the seventh inning with a single. Infielder Louis Mele was able to send Anderson home and made it a 6-3 game.

Infielder Drew Standifer then hit a single and Mele was able to score off an error. Infielder Colton Pogue was able to send Standifer to second with a single and outfielder Jacob Richardson sent Standifer home with a single, advancing Pogue to third.

Outfielder Brody Santilli then hit a big single, which sent Pogue and Richardson home.

The Mustangs defense didn’t allow any big plays thanks to their outfielders. Santilli, Richardson and Hussey caught everything the Mudcats hit to the outfield, not allowing for any scoring momentum.

Brody Santilli had four RBIs to lead the team thanks to a little extra motivation.

“I felt good,” Santilli said. “I was comfortable in there, my dad came down this week so I got some extra time with him so that helped. But I just felt comfortable in the box.”

In the second Inning, the Mustangs started off with two walks, thanks to questionable pitching by the Mudcats. Infielder Colton Pogue walked first and outfielder Jacob Richardson walked after. The two walks allowed the Mustangs to have early momentum. Catcher Erasmo Gonzalez advanced Pogue and Richardson with a fly-out.

Outfielder Brody Santilli sent both Pogue and Richardson home with a big single, putting the Mustangs in an early 2-0 lead. Santilli stole second and third base while infielder Matt Wollnik was batting. Wollnik collected a single of his own, allowing Santilli to score. Brady Anderson’s double scored Wollnik.

The Mudcats only scored a run in the third inning and had a pair of scores in the seventh.

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