Kidz Modified

1. Zane McGill

2. Kayden Dirks

3. Blaine Younts

Hobby Stocks

1. Rick Thompson

2. Josiah Birkinsha

3. Kyle Rowland

4. Lane Chew

5. Wayne Brooke

6. Bill Munsen

7. Alex Boyden

8. Darren McCray

9. George Bruning

E Modified

1. Matt Dorssom

2. Billy Spilman

3. RJ Dishong

4. Corey Myers

5. Brian McGill

6. Destyn Whitney

7. Glenn Henry

8. Kayden Dirks

9. Brenda Miller

10. Kyle Henning

Street Stocks

1. Anthony Robertson

2. Matthew Lance

3. Tobin Bartlett

4. Scott herrick

5. Gerald Wahwahsuck

6. Mike Wahwahsuck

B Modifieds

1. Josh Munsen

2. Kyle Henning

3. Nicholas Carpenter

4. Loyd Yonts

5. Tony Layne

6. Derrick Mahoney

Sport Compact

1. David Miller

2. John Willard

3. Barry Luthi

4. Josh Conrad

5. Devin Schmidt

6. Christopher Lewis

7. Dan Ruhnke

8. Bradley Yonts

9. Matthew Carr

10. Toby Teel

11. Matt Kragt

— From staff report

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