Benedictine junior Kacey Moore looks for a shot against St. Ambrose Saturday ar the BC Soccer Complex.

The No. 2 Benedictine women’s Lacrosse team dominated another conference opponent in St. Ambrose for a 24-1 win Saturday at the BC Soccer Complex.

Coach Amanda Magee was especially pleased with how her team shared the ball in the first half with almost every goal at halftime being from an assist.

“We really worked toward each others strengths today,” Magee said. “We really set each other up on attacks really well.”

Magee said her team works on growing their offensive ability in lopsided games like this one.

“We talk about it all the time how good looks are going to be there when we play a team that isn’t as skilled as us,” Magee said. “We try to wait for that great look to open up and I thought we did a good job of threading the needle today.”

Freshman Natalie Wechter led the team with five goals alongside fellow freshman Clare Ryan.

Wechter said Magee has definitely challenged the team in practice to be their absolute best even in the drop-off in play with conference opponents.

“It’s been very difficult,” Wechter said. “In the end we always know that it’s to make it to nationals. That is the goal we don’t mind being pushed because we always talk about being the best conditioned team in the country.”

Magee said it’s been impressive how much of an impact both Wechter and Ryan have had as freshmen this season.

“As freshmen it’s not the easiest thing to come in and have an impact on a team that is pretty stacked already, especially on offense,” Magee said.

The Ravens closed out their regular season with a 21-3 win over Missouri Valley for their fourth straight KCAC title.

The KCAC tournament will be held April 25 and 27 at the University of St. Mary.

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