I know exactly how the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight is going to end, but I still want to watch it.

The fight will go the distance and Mayweather will win a comfortable decision. There, it’s in print, so I can gloat if I’m right or be ridiculed if I’m wrong.

So why am I interested in a fight to which I already know the outcome? Because it’s a spectacle, and there just aren’t that many spectacles that come along.

Live sports always has the unpredictable factor in its favor — the next Royals game you go to, Danny Duffy could possibly strike out 20 batters — but the problem with unpredictability is you can’t plan for it. With the Aug. 26 fight between Mayweather, the 49-0 professional boxer, and McGregor, the MMA champion, we know we’re getting something we haven’t really seen before.

Since MMA became more and more popular, fight fans have fractured into a couple different groups: the “boxing is better” crowd and the “MMA is better” crowd. There’s a third crowd, too – the “just give me something interesting” crowd. I fall in the latter crowd.

The Mayweather-McGregor fight pits one of the current legends of each sport against each other, with an immense amount of bragging rights on the line for boxing and MMA fans.

The only problem is there is no half-way point for Mayweather and McGregor to meet. One of them has to step into the other’s world, and McGregor is ditching the “mixed” part of his arsenal for straight-up boxing. McGregor was an amateur boxer years ago, and in MMA matches, prefers to stand up and throw blows, but he’s still no match for Mayweather in the squared ring.

The same would be true if Mayweather entered the octagon – McGregor would have a huge advantage.

So why would anyone, including myself, want to pay $100 (the pay-per-view cost) to watch this fight?

Like I said, it’s a spectacle. I 100 percent believe Mayweather is going to win by decision but … what if? What if McGregor lands a solid shot to Mayweather’s chin and makes his knees wobble? What if McGregor can win a few early rounds and get under Mayweather’s skin, causing the undefeated champ to panic a little?

You can’t predict the unpredictable; you can only make yourself available to watch it as often as you can. That’s why I’ll throw down my hard-earned money (hopefully split between a few friends) to watch what I’m sure will be a boring fight.

But what if?

Adam Gardner is the Globe managing and sports editor. He can be reached at adam.gardner@npgco.com.

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