After a detour in the July 4 edition of the Globe, Adam’s angle returns down the tried and true mailbag road.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions, I appreciate it. Believe it or not, I’m getting near the end of the road. That is, unless someone sends in more questions. Feel free to contact me at or on Twitter @AGardnerGlobe.

Question: Make a prediction, yes, one that will be remembered for many years to come — in what calendar year will the Royals next win a World Series? And will that be before or after the Chiefs win a Super Bowl?

Answer: I believe the Chiefs will win their second Super Bowl before the Royals win their third World Series, but it’s possible neither happens in the next 10 years.

Winning the championship in any major sport is extremely hard. Look at the 2015 New York Mets – they had a stable of great, young pitchers and a lineup that could score enough runs. They lost to the Royals but looked like they were set up to be competitive for years.

They followed up their World Series loss by losing in the Wild Card game in 2016, then things really hit the fan. They finished 70-92 last season and were 15 games under .500 this season, as of Friday morning. Everything can look like it’s going right – until it goes wrong.

It’s the same in football. Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl despite being one of the best quarterbacks ever. The Bears somehow never won a ring with Jay Cutler … sorry, had to slip a joke in there.

However, there are two differences between the situations the Royals and Chiefs find themselves in right now. First, the Chiefs roster is lightyears ahead of the Royals in terms of talent that can win right now.

I don’t care if the Chiefs have a first-year starter at the most important position on the field; Patrick Mahomes is going to be a star and it’s going to be fun to watch this offense light up the scoreboard. I feel like a broken record, but all the Chiefs need is a league-average defense to be true championship contenders (and no major injuries — but that’s true for everyone).

The Royals are not close to winning. The talent coming up the minor league system is not only several years from getting to Kansas City, it isn’t even a sure thing. I’m hopeful and optimistic about Nicky Lopez, Seuly Matias, MJ Melendez, Nick Pratto, Khalil Lee and recently signed draft picks like Brady Singer and Jackson Kowar, but there is no sure thing they’re all going to hit, or that even some will hit.

The most optimistic view has a handful of those guys turning into solid major leaguers with Kowar a solid starter and Singer turning into an ace pitcher. If that happened, the Royals could be a threat in 2023, maybe?

The second difference is it’s easier for NFL teams to bounce back with their rosters thanks to the league’s salary cap. If Mahomes isn’t the quarterback to lead the Chiefs to their second Super Bowl win, then it could be a quarterback five years from now. With my guessing math, that gives the Chiefs two shots in the same timeframe the Royals have possibly one chance.

Q: Are people from St. Louis entitled, uneducated, arrogant, or fake east coast people?

A: I know one person from St. Louis and he’s a great guy with none of those bad characteristics. I don’t get the St. Louis hate from Kansas City people.

I also hear about a stereotype that St. Louis folks always ask each other where they went to high school. However, the KC people I knew in school, whenever they met other KC people, always asked where they went to high school. Shoulder shrug.

I don’t know if St. Louis shares the same disdain for Kansas City that KC does for StL, or if maybe folks in KC have some weird inferiority complex. I’ve never been to St. Louis but I’m sure it has its share of qualities.

Don’t worry, KC, I still love you. Barbecue beats fried ravioli. The Royals beat the Cardinals (1985!). Boulevard beats Schlafly (though Schlafly is good).

Adam Gardner is the Globe sports editor. He can be reached at

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