Pending approval of an Emergency Procedures Manual, a proposal to form an “e-sports/gaming league,” calendar proposals and the vision of the HCC diesel technology plan are some matters to bring USD 409 leaders to table for discussion this week.

Board members are set to convene at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 11, in the commons area at Atchison Middle School, 301 North Fifth St.

AMS Principal Chad Bilderback is on point to provide an update on the programs and activities at AMS. Teila Keys, AMS Site Council member will offer a site council report to the board.

President David Reist of Highland Community College will present an update about the proposal initially heard in July to expand the diesel technology facility. Negotiations have been ongoing since then between HCC and 409 concerning the use of some district-owned land.

Board members expect to consider a proposal to allow an e-sports competitive professional video gaming organization at Atchison High School. Jayden Allison and Ethan Snodgrass have submitted the proposal along with 20 names of potential members. The listed goals on the application are to “improve the vibe and the mood of the school, increase skill level and improve social skill with the students.”

Business Manager Lori Lanter, Technology Director Donna Noll and Maintenance Director Jay Robinson will present the summer maintenance, capital outlay and technology plans.

Following regular business, board members expect to recess from public session to go behind closed doors to discuss some matters of nonelected personnel and negotiations.

After the regular session resumes, board members expect to take action on resignations/terminations, recommendations for employments/transfers, supplemental contracts and extension of administrator/director contracts for the 2019-20 school year.

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