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The names listed here have been provided by Kansas State University based on information compiled by the Office of the Registrar.

According to the university, each student earned a grade point average of 3.75 or above, on a four point scale, after taking 12 credit hours or more in the past semester.


Molly Bassette, Cummings

Emily Becker, Lancaster

Savannah Cohorst, Lancaster

Juliette Corpstein, Atchison

Micah Dulac, Atchison

Ashton Ettleman, Atchison

Allison Harris, Atchison

Kelsey Hoines, Atchison

Emily Kiehl, Atchison

Jackson McCoole, Atchison

Ella McLeod, Atchison

Canyon Miller, Atchison

Ashley Pieper, Lancaster

Jentry Scherer, Lancaster

Julie Schrick, Atchison

Shelbie Vanderweide, Atchison


Emily Bauer, Hiawatha

Garrett Binns, Hiawatha

Mikayla Deters, Fairview

Alexa Keim, Hiawatha

Jacob Hrencher, Hiawatha

Kylie Hutfles, Horton

Kristen Jensen, Everest

Kelly Lehew, Everest

Lydia Lierz, Hiawatha

Kendra Overdick, Hiawatha

Ashlyn Riley, Hiawatha

Katharine Rosa, Hiawatha

Abby Ross, Horton

Bryn Swearingen, Hiawatha

Kyle Tollefson, Hiawatha

Jeremy Tryson, Robinson

Carissa Tummons, Fairview

Amber Wilhelm, Everest


Erick Ashlock, St. Joseph, Missouri

Trevor Dunn, St. Joseph, Missouri

Evan Heronemus, St. Joseph, Missouri

Jacob Modlin, Faucett, Missouri

Michael Modlin, Faucett, Missouri

Kazdyn Pierce-Blanchard, St. Joseph, Missouri

Anna Richardson, St. Joseph, Missouri

Jacquelynn Ruwwe, St. Joseph, Missouri

Julia Stolfus, St. Joseph, Missouri


Samantha Albers, Bendena

Jonathan Allen, Severance

Nathan King, Wathena

Lauren Studer, Wathena

Samantha Whitten, Wathena


Nils Bergsten, Holton

Joshilyn Binkley, Circleville

Alexandria Bontrager, Whiting

Toni Bontrager, Whiting

Kaden Brandt, Holton

Emily Burdiek, Circleville

Makayla Crow, Delia

Sarah Diggs, Holton

Eero Halbleib, Holton

Adam Hegemann, Hoyt

Ethan Holaday, Holton

John Kennedy, Soldier

Sarah Marek, Holton

Joel Nelson, Soldier

William Patterson, Holton

Kaitlin Peterson, Holton

Madison Reith, Holton

Brandt Rose, Holton

Sonora Sheldon, Holton

Chelsea Shupe, Circleville

Jesse Smith, Mayetta

Joshua Wilhelm, Holton

Karl Wilhelm, Holton

Tel Wittmer, Holton


Maxamillyan Badgett, Valley Falleys

Tegan Bowers, Oskaloosa

Jameson Brehm, Perry

Jessa Brinker, Valley Falls

Macy Bruton, Meriden

Nathan Buss, Grantville

Janelle Debus, Merdien

Allie Deiter, Meriden

Karli Fleischer, Meriden

Dalton Hahn, Meriden

Matthew Hamon, Ozawkie

Scott Hirsch, Grantville

Macee Jepson, Valley Falls

Jordyn Johnston, McLouth

Chord Livingston, Meriden

Anna Miller, Perry

Emily Nottingham, Ozawkie

Gabriel Orndorff, Meriden

Randi Patterson, Meriden

Kyle Reichart, Valley Falls

Noah Scrimsher, Oskaloosa

Wynne Taylor, Meriden

Alex Thornburgh, Meriden

Danielle Winchester, Perry

Jacob Winter, Ozawkie

Kaileigh Wright, Mirden


Jacob Allen, Easton

Nathan Anderson, Tonganoxie

Celeste Bartels, Tonganoxie

Leah Bartels, Tonganoxie

Emma Bartlett, Linwood

Calvin Bauer, Leavenworth

Cassandra Beattie, Basehor

Antoinette Bettasso, Leavenworth

Rodger Black, Tonganoxie

Nathan Botwell, Tonganoxie

Kennedy Bowers, Basehor

Madison Bowers, Basehor

Jacob Boyce, Leavenworth

Jack Bresser, Lansing

Caitlin Breuer, Tonganoxie

Megan Briggs, Leavenworth

Meagan Brucker, Leavenworth

Zachary Callaghan, Tonganoxie

Chandler Carey, Linwood

Sean Cranford, Leavenworth

David Falk, Linwood

Austin Foley, Leavenworth

Holden Giefer, Leavenworth

Sierra Graham, Tonganoxie

Robert Grosdidier, Leavenworth

Ashton Harlan, Ft. Leavenworth

Saryn Herandez, Tonganoxie

Madeline Howard, Basehor

Aidan Javier, Tonganoxie

Samantha Jones, Leavenworth

Brianne Kennedy, Bonner Springs

Cameron Kennedy, Bonner Springs

Benjamin Johnson, Lansing

Samantha Jones, Leavenworth

Savannah Langley, Lansing

Benjamin Lanza, Tonganoxie

Emily Laurence, Lansing

Joshua Lingo, Tonganoxie

Hallie Lucas, Leavenworth

Rachel Mallon, Basehor

Kyra Manner, F. Leavenworth

Emily Millar, Leavenworth

Brett Morey, Linwood

Kennedy Morey, Linwood

Alexandria Mustain, Leavenworth

Sebastian Neal, Lansing

Ashley Novo-Gradac, Basehor

Leah Parsons, Leavenworth

Cassandra Pawlowski, Lansing

Jackson Plessl, Lansing

Cale Povilonis, Basehor

Alexandra Reiher, Leavenworth

Grace Reilly, Tonganoxie

Jordan Sasche, Leavenworth

Clint Saunders, Lansing

Montezia Shakespear, Leavenworth

Sierra Smith, Basehor

Dylan Staatz, Tonganoxie

Jefferson Storms, Bonner Springs

Margaret Szmed, Lansing

Kurtis Tatkenhorst

Vanessa-Rose Turpin, Leavenworth

Justin Varney, Lansing

Katelyn Waldeier, Tonganoxie

Natalie Wolf, Tonganoxie

Samantha White, Leavenworth

Christina Wiley, Leavenworth

Hannah Wilson, Leavenworth

Reagan Wood, Easton

Nicole Zerrer, Tonganoxie


Grant Bess, Camden Point, Missouri

Elizabeth Cooper, Platte Woods, Missouri

Zoey Dutcher, Camden Point, Missouri

Haley Firkins, Platte City, Missouri

Katrina Kaltefleiter, Parkville, Missouri

Erin Manville, Camden Point, Missouri

Michael Mickelboro, Platte City, Missouri

Alexa Raney, Weston

Conrad Sandoz, Parkville, Missouri

If you know of a student from the coverage area of Atchison Globe who has been left out, please call 785-532-6254 or email registrar@k-state.edu.

Atchison Globe staff can be reached at 913-367-0583.

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