A late September road rage incident in Atchison city limits has rolled into full resolution after the second of two men charged was sentenced Friday, June 14, in Atchison County District Court.

Anthony A. Brayshaw was granted two 24-month supervised felony probation periods to concurrently run together suspended from underlying state prison sentences. Brayshaw was handed a 27-month sentence for aggravated battery and 12 months of prison time for aggravated assault.

Brayshaw was also deemed eligible for 20 percent of good time credit off both sentences. The time for assault is to run concurrent to the battery. He is to have no contact with the alleged victims, pay all applicable court costs, fines and fees, and restitution joint and severally. Atchison County Community Corrections will supervise the probationary periods.

Atchison-based John Kurth served as Brayshaw’s defense counsel. Brayshaw was deemed eligible as a presumptive probation candidate as the result of a pre-sentencing investigation conducted by Atchison County Court Services officers.

Before sentencing was handed down, Kurth advised there was an error in Brayshaw’s criminal history that one of the crimes was actually a first offense, not a second offense as listed in the report. The correction was noted.

Kurth also said his client’s mother has concerns her son was painted in the wrong light, and presented a written letter from her to the court. District Court Judge Robert Bednar admitted the letter to the court file.

Kurth also told the court that Brayshaw completed a treatment program since he entered no contest pleas to the felony charges in an amended complaint in mid-April.

Brayshaw’s co-defendant, Jonathan J. Collins, was sentenced March 21 in district court to 16 months of prison time for aggravated assault, a felony, and six months in Atchison County Jail for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Collins is currently serving a 24-month probation under Community Corrections watch.

The men’s respective convictions arose from a Sept. 30, 2018 incident that centered on a confrontation involving vehicles driven by the men between South 10th Street and the 1400 block of US Highway 59. It was near the viaduct where they stopped and exited their vehicles. An altercation ensued involving a sheathed machete knife in Brayshaw’s possession.

During the argument, the machete became unsheathed and Collins suffered a hand wound. From that point, the men continued to drive the vehicles throughout the western parts of the city, which came to a halt in Harper and Fairway drives after the vehicles were driven across a portion of the Bellevue golf course.

A 17-year-old female passenger owned the car driven by Collins. She exited the vehicle through before the vehicles came to rest as the result of a collision that damaged a power pole, male boxes and residential lawns.

At the time Brayshaw was 59 years old and Collins was a 19-year-old, according to Atchison Police Department reports. Collins was treated as a Kansas City hospital in wake of his knife wound. He was arrested after his release from hospital care.

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