Editor's note: This article has been updated to include more accurate information about the event.

Students from Trinity Lutheran School, St. Benedict Catholic School and Atchison Middle School recently attended the Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Development Council's Leadership Summit at Benedictine College.

According to Trinity seventh- and eighth-grade teacher Kyle Strecker, the summit featured Chase Coffman of the Seattle Seahawks, officer Joshua Sinclair, Josh Downing of R.U. Fit and BC student Sammie Latz.

The speakers gave their views on leadership through different means. Coffman spoke about leading through teamwork while Sinclair talked about citizenship and online responsibility. Downing explained how to lead through health and fitness while Latz talked about leading with education.

Strecker said Latz’s presentation involved remembering a project she worked on, but she could not do everything on her own. To alleviate the problem, Latz got several friends involved based on their strengths.

Strecker said there was plenty for students to take away from the event.

“Some of them probably enjoyed it and got something out of it,” Strecker said. “It was neat to see the different people talk about various topics. I thought Officer Sinclair did a really good job with the internet safety thing and it was kind of neat to see a NFL player, free agent or not, talk about leadership stuff.”

Chamber President Jacque Pregont said in an email that the volunteer members of the Leadership Development Council worked very hard to present the program to 100 area middle school students, and thanked BC for its generosity in allowing its facilities to be used for the event.

Ryan Falk can be reached at ryan.falk@npgco.com.

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