Of all the crimes reported in 2018 throughout the county it was drug related activities that spiked the most, according to a report from the Atchison County Sheriff’s Office.

Fifty-one percent of all committed offenses in 2018 were drug related, Atchison County Sheriff Jack Laurie reported.

The 2018 reported drug offenses were at an all-time high, Laurie reported. The suspect ages ranged from 63 years old as the oldest. The youngest was a 15-year old juvenile, the youngest adult was 18 years old.

The drug investigation statistics summary shows there were 181 reported drug offenses, a 66 percent rise from the previous year. The actual number of arrests checked in at 160 in 2018, a 34 percent increase from the drug arrests in 2017.

The amount reflects a 202 percent increase over the average amount of 60 arrests made in the previous five years. Two suspects that sheriff’s office authorities arrested for meth distribution in 2018 were subsequently federally indicted before year’s end.

Of these drug arrests, 57 percent were related to methamphetamine; 38 percent stemmed from marijuana; cocaine checked in at 2 percent; heroin, prescription and simulated drugs all registered a 1 precent of drug activity.

Laurie’s report shows 35 was the average age of persons arrested for meth distribution. The youngest arrested for meth in 2018 was an 18-year-old high-schooler. The youngest arrested for meth distribution was 19 years old.

Sex related offenses were less in 2018 showing five reported sexual offenses in comparison to eight in 2017 and 13 in 2006 charted the most reported in a 15-year period.

The offender registration list checked out with a year-end total of 175 registrants as follows: Drug offenders – 31; 131 sex offenders; and 13 violent offenders.

Other statistics:

The 50 reported crimes against persons were down 40 pecent from 2017, and also reflected a decline from previous years’ averages. Of the crimes reported the 21 persons were arrested. Assaults, batteries, intimidation/harassment, murder, manslaughter and sexual related offenses comprise the person crimes.

Reported property crimes numbered 107 and were also down at from previous years. These reported crimes resulted in 57 arrests, an increase of two more than persons arrested in 2017. The property crimes involved burglaries, thefts and criminal damage to property.

Both reported crime categories indicate all-time lows from previous years’ statistics. Sheriff’s authorities arrested 405 persons in 2018.

Information for this story is based on statistical information from Atchison County Sheriff’s Office.

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