Potential bidders might realize a few deals of the day as they gather around the auction block Wednesday morning in the main hallway at the courthouse.

Atchison County Counselor Patrick Henderson urges all potential bidders to read the sale information concerning Judicial Tax Foreclosure Sale pursuant to K.S.A. 79-2804.

The sale commences at 10 a.m. Potential bidders can obtain their bidding numbers prior to sale time from Atchison County Clerk staffers, Henderson said. Atchison County Sheriff Jack Laurie will issue deeds to the respective successful bidders holding the numbers as they registered on the sheet.

The informational documents are available on the county’s website. Log on to http://www.atchisoncountyks.org/document center/view/1987 and click on 2019 Tax Sale Document. View maps of listed properties at https://arcg.is/1Kf4T5.

At last count, more than 40 parcels in tax delinquencies were tagged for the Atchison County Tax sale. Most of these are located within Atchison city limits. A few others are located in Effingham, Huron and Lancaster. Commercial buildings, residential dwellings and some vacant lots comprise the offerings.

This upcoming sale will mark the inaugural year for a few changes Henderson drafted in the county’s Charter Resolution No. 2018-1. Only one check will be required from the buyers. This is a change from previous years. Properties that have liens on them filed through entities outside of the county are subject to special assessment payments if the liens are filed after Jan. 1.

The current number of the properties on the sale list was pared down from the original 151 eligible properties in arrears when this tax sale round began. Delinquent property owners may redeem their properties to remove them from the list up until the day before the sale after payment of all back taxes, court costs, penalties and any other applicable fees.

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