Reavis Hausmann

Mayor Allen Reavis, left, speaks at a City of Atchison governing body meeting on July 2.

The City of Atchison offered more information Monday on its settlement with a man it has sanctioned at various times since 1988 for public nuisances.

Joe Warren, new municipal director of administrative services, detailed the circumstances of a July 16 City Commission vote to settle legal matters with Jerome Bratton.

Amid the settlement, the city has implemented or anticipates taking the following steps:

Arrange for a person considered a “habitual violator” of nuisance code to automatically earn redemption if no new violations occur within 12 months.

Redeem $1,938 in “fines, fees and assessments” against Bratton.

Arrange for no one be labeled a “habitual violator” of nuisance code, unless they receive two or more violation notices within the same calendar year.

Suspend enforcement of the “habitual violator” ordinance until all changes are made, with final action due by the end of the year.

City Manager Becky Berger said the city learned from the Bratton case.

“We are taking nuisance abatement very seriously, so we will continue to refine the city code to clean up the community,” she said, as quoted in the news release. “What we learned in this lawsuit was that we are going in the right direction with policy, and as we become more efficient procedurally, we should be able to make some tremendous strides.”

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