Atchison County FCE Council held its regular meeting at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7, at Project Concern, with 11 members attending.

The meeting was called to order by Carol Lintner, President. The Treasurer reported that 2019 dues for 37 Atchison County FCE members have been forwarded to the State Treasurer.

Lintner thanked all that assisted with the Human Trafficking event on Oct. 10 and reported that approximately 150 people attended. She has had good feed-back regarding the evening.

New Officers elected for 2019 were Carol Lintner, president; Mary Lou Bowen, vice-president; Evelyn Lorenz, secretary-treasurer.

Recent activities of Terry FCE included a visit with long time member, Jessie Barnes, where members found her to be in good spirits. They recently toured the Hydroponic Facility in Wathena, KS, viewing and receiving beautiful lettuce and kale that will soon be available in grocery stores in Wathena and Troy.

Terry FCE is celebrating their 70th anniversary this year.

Farmerette FCE members are planning their annual tour this Friday by eating lunch at the Cracker Barrel in St. Joseph, Missouri, and then attending a Craft Show at Stoney Creek Inn.

Sally Banks has presented the Character Counts on Trustworthiness project to the fourth grade classes at Atchison County Elementary School.

After discussion concerning the Barn Quilt Class project that the council has had for the past two years, it was the consensus of the group that the project be ended with a vote of gratitude to Virginia Foley and her committee for a successful project. A Facebook picture from Ashland of one whole store’s outside wall being covered with different barn quilts was very impressive.

Six council members recently attended NE Area Fall Council Workshop and gained information about the KAFCE 2019 lessons. Nominees for Heart of FCE were voted on at that meeting. Johnson County’s nominee was selected as 2019 Heart of FCE.

Edna Baker, Atchison County’s nominee, will be honored at the 2019 District Recognition Day.

Plans were formulated for the upcoming Atchison County Fall Workshop, set for 10 a.m. to Noon on Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Atchison Public Library, with a potluck lunch.

It was agreed, the following Lessons would be scheduled for the morning: “Words Count”; “Trash to Treasure”; “Character Counts”; “So now What..?”; “Managing Life after Retirement”; and “Everyday Mindfulness.”

Table displays featuring “How Much Do You Know About the Big “O”? and “Choose Wisely: Your Health Depends on It” will be available for unit ideas.

Following lunch, the 2019 Officers and Council Representatives are to be installed.

Discussion regarding proposed K-State Extension & Research Lessons for 2019 were:

1) Dietary Supplements

2) Keys to embracing Aging

3) Children, Families and Our Community

4) Gaslighting

5) Understanding Immunizations and Vaccinations

At 11:30 a.m. Dec. 5, we will hold the Annual Council Christmas Party for both Outgoing and Incoming Council Representatives. There will be no January meeting.

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